Secrets of the Deep

Secrets of the Deep

Mario Cyr, Kayla Martin and Stephanie Rheault

UnisTV is a Canadian French language specialty channel out of Quebec. Secrets des profondeurs translates to Secrets of the Deep in English is one of their most popular adventure series.
The series tag line is: Unexplored remnants lie dormant at the bottom of our nation’s lakes and streams. Mario Cyr, diver emeritus and Samuel Côté, historian and wreck hunter, follows the trail of these mysteries, in order to reveal their fascinating stories.
Season One had several episodes filmed in Ontario. These included The Comet and The Lost Villages. With the success of season one, they were looking for new storylines from across the country to be featured in season two.

They contacted me for possible dive sites to be explored in Ontario. My suggestion was to unravel the Legend of Sherkston Quarry in the Niagara Region.

The producers were excited by the storyline that I had written and invited me to be their dive guide during filming of the episode. In addition, I recommended that they should feature David Gilchrist, a noted local historian who had done the original Marine Archaeology Survey of the site.
Filming was completed over three days in April 2023 at several sites including the Quarry and the Niagara Antique Power Association.

My role was to navigate the maze of underwater tracks at the quarry and guide Mario and Stephanie, the stars of the show, to the two Steam Locomotives and dozens of scattered ore cars.

Season two has started to air and can be viewed at: Season Two Episodes.